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NaijaMuminLondon tagged me to do the what’s in my bag? meme…Thanks NMIL.

OK, I know it’s supposed to be one bag, but I interchange bags very often so I thought I’d show you three of my bags – all gifts from the hubby…


My bags contain (from top left to right);

A bottle of water – ok, a Sprite bottle, but it has water in it.

Kinder Bueno chocolate – for energy boosts on busy days

Healthy snack – Walkers Sunbites whole grain snacks

A pack of tissues + Feminine wipes + Sanitary towel + Panty liner = No unpleasant surprises

Blackberry phone + ear phones

Combs + scalp scratcher (lol…I don’t know what exactly it’s called, but that’s what I use it for)

Make up bag – yes I know it’s big, but so are my bags

Umbrella – ‘cos the British weather is very unpredictable 

Purse – it’s a no-name (i.e. not a designer label) I got from Marks and Spencer

Flowered ladies’ handkerchief (under the ear phones)

Bunch of keys

Sunglasses – another n0-name, from Dorothy Perkins


Nail file/smoother

Business card holder (silver case)

Orbit chewing gum – for fresh breath

Tape measure – I really don’t know why I carry this around

Hair ruffle – for when it gets too windy or too hot and I need to hold my hair up

Book – Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands – a gift from my mum

Forever Living Product Brochure (everyone I meet is a potential customer)

Note book – for taking notes + jotting down ideas, etc.

There you have it! What do you think?


It seems a lot of people have done this already (I’ve seen so many lovely bags this past week) so I won’t tag anyone…but if you haven’t done it then please consider yourself tagged…I’d love to see your bag too…

Here are the rules of the game:

Take a picture of your bag and its contents
Describe the contents
Tag as many bloggers as you like
Mention who tagged you

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walk with God

Hi Everyone

How are you all doing today? I hope you’ve enjoyed your week.

I mentioned in the Testimony Corner that I was opportuned to share “My Story” in my Church Magazine. I thought I should share it here on Anoda Phase as well, just because…well, it may encourage somebody…

Note; I have done some editing to the original work, as I deemed suitable, so this is not the exact copy that was published…

“I grew up in an orthodox Christian family, Anglican to be precise. Although we always went to Church, I didn’t quite know what it meant to have a “deeper, more personal” relationship with God.

I first became born-again in my Junior Secondary School, after responding to an alter call at a ministration I attended in school. However, due to childhood exuberances and lack of people to mentor or keep me going in the faith, I soon forgot all about my new found faith.

When I got into the University in 1999, I joined a campus fellowship called Charis, attended the believers’ class, became a drama minister, and thus revived my walk with God.

When I came to the UK for my Masters degree, I joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and soon became a Church Usher. After completing my Masters programme, I moved to another city to take up a job offer. There, I joined yet another church, where I again joined the drama ministration team.

It hasn’t always been a smooth journey since 1999 until now though. Sometimes, I just wasn’t living the life that I knew He had called me to live, as His child. I looked back occasionally and failed to walk in His path, but I loved God, and would always run back to Him…And of course, He loves me even more, so He’d always take me back in His arms.

Over the years, I have learnt that God loves and cares for me irrespective of my past. He has taken me from the miry clay and set my feet upon the rock, to keep me from falling. He gave me His Holy Spirit, to be my teacher, guide, counsellor, and a voice of caution. The good Lord in His infinite mercies has been very good and kind to me, and to my family. He has preserved my soul and kept me in good health; I have never had to undergo surgery or ever been hospitalised.

I know that I can call on Him, and speak to Him about any and every thing, no matter how seemingly small or huge. I know that in my walk with Him, He holds my hand and leads me safely on. I’m assured and increasingly convinced that what He has said concerning me in His word and through His prophets shall come to pass; though it tarry, I shall wait for it.

I’m further blessed because the Lord led me to a man who encourages me to dream big, and supports me all the way…he’s my loudest cheerleader…and together, we desire to be instruments of God’s glory. I have a passion for inspiring and motivating teenage girls and young ladies. I also love to minister to people through Christian drama. I submit myself to be used of and by God, as He wills, in these (and other) areas”.

I really don’t know how this may apply to you reading this post, but I have a question for you; Are you currently going through a phase where you feel like, you are too “dirty, or sinful, or unworthy” to go before the Father? Do you feel ashamed, probably of something that you’ve done in your past? Are there inner (or even external) voices telling you that God couldn’t possibly want someone like you? Have you been a Christian before but fell along the way and are now struggling or finding it difficult to retrace your steps to the Father? Or have you never even been a Christian? Ok, I know that’s more than one question but honey, I’ve got good news for you…

Rom 8:1  There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit…need I say more? NO CONDEMNATION! Just ask Him for Mercy

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life…God didn’t give “His only begotten son” for nothing…He loves you, and He wants you to be His…FOREVER!

1Ti 1:15  This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief…yes, He came to save sinners, not the “saved”…He came to save YOU!

Col 1:13-14  He rescued us from the power of darkness and brought us safe into the kingdom of his dear Son, by whom we are set free, that is, our sins are forgivenyour sins are forgiven…you are FREE!

Finally, I pray, that the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus, our very own Lord, and saviour. Amen.

Have a fantastic weekend.


PS; I’m experimenting with a new theme…do you like it?

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radio…like a radio speaker!…That was a male friend of mine, speaking to me, in my first year at University…

Fast-rewind to several years before that when I was still in Secondary School. It was a Sunday, and we (my family) had just returned from Church. As was the usual practice, we all gathered in the living room first, to pray and thank God for the service and all that we had learnt. On that fateful day, daddy appointed me to say the prayers, which I did.

After we all said Amen!, an uncle of ours, who hadn’t gone to Church with us, said (with a look of mild shock on his face) “I thought it was the radio, I didn’t know it was a human being speaking”…duh! and yeah right! must have been my reactions then…when my above mentioned male friend at University passed a similar comment, I thought it was mere coincidence…

But when in my second (or was it third?) year at University, another friend (also male…in fact, my then boyfriend’s close friend) said to me “you have a radio voice, have you ever considered working as a radio presenter?”…I thought to myself, whoow! what’s going on here?

But I never pursued or did anything about those comments…just blushed and wove them aside.

In retrospect now, I wonder if those comments were God’s way of pointing out my gift, to me…maybe, just maybe, He wanted (still wants, I hope) me to use my voice for Him somehow, but I just didn’t get it…how? I ask myself…

By singing? Naaah! I haven’t got that good a singing voice…

By becoming a presenter? maybe on radio, cos I’m too shy to do that on TV or even live in front of a crowd…

By being an MC? heeheehee, like Vera, I laugh in Ibo…an MC has got to be funny, haven’t they? well, a handful of people tell me I’m funny, but is that enough to make me venture into compering?

By “speaking” to people? I don’t mean talking here btw, I mean speaking as in like a mentor, or a group leader of some sort…I was a “cell-leader” for 2 years in my fellowship at Uni, and in my former Church here in the UK…I’ve also been opportuned to act as mentor to a few young ladies…do these count as “using my voice?”

Ok! I gerrit (get it)…actually, this just occured to me right now (as I type this post @ 14.30 hours, on Wed 3rd June, 2009) I have been an actor? actress? dramatist? from fellowship at University, until now…that should count for “using my voice” yeah? yes? yipee!

Plus, I also “use my voice” to praise/worship God, either in the privacy of my own home, or in the security of the “crowd” at Church…one of the songs I’ve been singing/listening to very often for a while now is “How Great is Our God?”…it’s a fantastic worship song…I’ve added a You-tube video with the lyrics to the song below…enjoy!

Your voice is a gift…How have YOU been “using your voice?”…



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Thanks to Ochuko for this award, and for challenging me to write 10 honest things about me…Well, here goes…


  • I love God…even though I don’t show it enough (God help me to), He knows I do…
  • I don’t make friends easily, but once I do, I’m loyal to them…except of course, they’re not adding any value to me…
  • I married as a virgin…(don’t believe me? Ask my hubby)…for 2 reasons…(a) my Bible told (and still tells) me that “marriage is honourable, the bed undefiled”…(b) the fear of my mama (in case of pregnancy) was the beginning of wisdom…
  • I once worked as an “International Air Hostess”…wanna guess which Airline?
  • Like Ochuko, I also love coconutty things…
  • My body itches when I walk for more than 10 minutes (or even less @ times)…
  • I get irritated easily…and then my body begins to itch…
  • I love makeup, and even though I don’t wear too much @ any one given time, I probably have enough for more than a year (or 2?) right now…
  • I have this new found love for tea…I drink several cups a day (extra cream and sugar pls, thank you)…
  • Unlike my bro who can easily win a “keep-in-touch” competition, I’m very bad not very good @ “keeping-in-touch”…forgive me friends and family…I’m working hard @ it, I promise!

Phew! (wiping my brows)…that’s it!…didn’t think I’ld get up to 10…

Ok, so, according to the rules, I’m supposed to award/tag 7 other people…I don’t know who has done this or been tagged before, but I hereby award ehm…ehm…Olufunke, Rita, Favoured Girl, Maiden in Abuja, Christian Writer UK, JustDB, and everyone else who reads this post (yelz, I mean it! Teegirl, Nike, are u there?)…

Have a lovely weekend all…cheers


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blogOK!…So, I haven’t written (other than my MSc. Course works…(course works?) and dissertation) in God knows how many years…now don’t go thinking I’m that old, but honestly, I don’t even know where to start from or how to begin…those are the same thing right? There! Shows you how confused, no…nervous, I am.

Well I used to write in my early teens…actually, I wasn’t even a teenager then. It was in my junior secondary school days…between ages 10 and 12. I would write short stories…usually with a romantic hint…and my friends and classmates who read them would clamour for a continuation or next chapter, sort of like I was writing a book…they claimed I wrote well and my stories were interesting. I also remember writing an essay for a literature class sometime in secondary school (maybe senior secondary this time) and my dad happened to read it and thought it was fab…as in fabulous! Duh!

So, where has this seeming ingenuity and raw, natural talent disappeared to? It all seems to have gone with the wind….hmmm, that sounds like the title of a soap opera to me…does anyone remember it? As I was saying, or trying to say…my guess is I failed to recognise it as a talent, had no one really to encourage or motivate me to continue, moved on to seemingly more important things in life…like going to the University and being a superb role model to three younger ones, etc…that I just ‘lost it’. No, no, I don’t mean lost it as in going bunkers or anything quite so dramatic, I mean ‘lost the art/gift of writing’.

For about a year or so now (I know, talk about procrastination right? It is truly a thief of time) I have been thinking strongly about going back to my first love…writing I mean, no funny ideas…I’m happily married thank you, and oh, by the way, hubby is snoring peacefully beside me as I type this up.

Back to the business of the day, I have finally decided, in the wee hours of this morning of the 18th day of February 2009, to give myself a second shot at writing. Hence, the birth of this blog, and so help me God!

I invite you to share this very precious process with me, as I embark on a journey to awaken the writer (?) in me, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your distinguished selves to my weblog. I would sincerely and whole-heartedly welcome and appreciate your comments, constructive criticism, advice, correction (be sure that you are right oh…lol) and anything else really, as daily (hopefully), we take this journey in learning, sharing, inspiration, fun, etc. together.

Don’t forget to check out the Laffs, and other pages as I would be updating them regularly…if you have any you’d love the house to share, please feel free to send them on to my humble self and I’ll do my best to post them…

awardsAlso, subscribe to my blog by clicking on the “Feeds” options @ the top-right corner of the page (you can also subscribe by email) so that you’d be alerted, when I add a new post…






PS; Please be advised that this site does not tolerate spam, junk or hate mail of any kind.

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