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But for the fact that I can see my last post date, it’s almost impossible for me to believe it’s been three months since I put up a post….3 months? waoh!


I won’t even attempt to come up with any reason(s) for abandoning the blog. All I want to do is apologise to all those who follow and/or read Anoda Phase – for abandoning my passion for writing and for allowing cobwebs to gather on here, but more so, for neglecting my responsibility to you all.

I also want to thank all those who kept checking on the blog/catching up on their reading/commenting on old(er) posts etc. It’ very humbling to know that I didn’t put up new posts for 3 months and my blog was still getting reasonable traffic. Thanks also to all who have liked and continue to like Anoda Phase on Facebook.

So, happy new year to you all (better late than never, right?) I trust that everyone is well.

It is my prayer that this year, you will align yourselves with the Lord’s plans for your lives, and experience genuine transformation, growth, increase, freedom, and favour unlimited.

As for me, I’m thankful for both seen and unseen blessings – on the last day of 2011, I got an unexpected blessing – actually, I did expect it – ok let me explain better;

Around October/November (I think) 2011, I heard something on the news and I proclaimed that I would be a beneficiary of that thing in Jesus’ name. I then completely forgot about it, and you can only imagine my initial confusion, surprise, disbelief, and then utter gratitude, when on December 31 2011, I received a letter – and a cheque – in the post.

Also, hubby and I are trusting God for a miracle which initially seemed veeeery far away, but is now inching ever so close, and we are thankful and trustful that it will come sooner than later, and we shall testify again.

I’m thankful for unseen/yet to be seen blessings – What are you thankful for?

Don’t forget, we have a TESTIMONY CORNER on this blog.



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As humans, there are certain parts of our bodies that we feel insecure about, or maybe even hate dislike.

Often times, this is either because we’ve been teased/mocked about such parts, or because we feel that compared with other people, that body part seems inadequate or maybe even deficient.

As a teenager in secondary school, I used to feel very self-conscious about my small breasts, which compared with those of my class and age mates, I found very inadequate. I wore ONLY padded bras, to give me that much desired fuller look.

Sometimes, I would cry and ask my mum why I had smaller breasts than my mates…she would respond that she used to have small breasts as a young woman, and only filled out when she started having babies. She reckoned that since I look like her in so many ways (so people say) my boobs would probably also get bigger when I start having children, if not before.

I remember during my University days, I would often think to myself that guys liked or preferred ladies with bigger bossoms, and that my smaller ones would make it difficult for me to attract a good man. (Sad, I know…)

As I grew older and more mature, and as I developed my walk with God, I realised that there is more to me than the way I look, or the size of my breasts…It’s what I have on my inside that matters more, and God would bring me a man that loves and appreciates me the way I am (and He did!).

Besides, I now truly appreciate and thank God for what I have when I see women with even smaller breasts or near flat chests, or women who have had their breast(s) removed due to breast cancer. I also know of ladies with big breasts who are tired of the weight and would prefer smaller ones.

More importantly, God is perfect, and as His child, so am I…I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

I don’t know what your body insecurities are, but whatever they are, be assured that God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27 (NIV)

So, if you think you have a head so large, people call you the head-master, consider this;

What’s the price of a pet canary? Some loose change, right? And God cares what happens to it even more than you do. He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail—even numbering the hairs on your head! Matthew 10:29

and this;

The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. Deut 28:13 (NIV)

And if it’s your “froggy” eyes that give you cause for concern (oh, I forgot to mention that I have beautiful big eyes, If I do say so myself…lol), then how’s this;

Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. Matthew 6:22 (The Message)


Blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) are your eyes because they do see. Matt 13:16

I used to have a classmate whose lips were so huge, they called her ponmo lips* behind her back…If you are in this category, well,

have you never read, Out of the mouths of babes and unweaned infants You have made (provided) perfect praise? Matthew 21:16. (Amplified)

For I [Myself] will give you a mouth and such utterance and wisdom that all of your foes combined will be unable to stand against or refute. Luke 21:15


if you acknowledge and confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and in your heart believe (adhere to, trust in, and rely on the truth) that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Rom 10:9

You think you’ve got huge ears? Well look whose company you’re in;

Need I say more?

He who has ears to hear, let him be listening and let him consider and perceive and comprehend by hearing. John 5:24. (Amplified)

Perhaps you’ve got shoulders that you consider way too broad…

I can’t impress this on you too strongly. God is looking over your shoulder.                2 Timothy 4:1. (The Message)

Oh, maybe you’ve got large Feet

The Lord said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet. Matthew 22:44. (NIV)

Don’t you think the blind man would gladly have your froggy eyes?

Or the lame man prefer to have had large feet?

Oh, I bet the mute lady would happily exchange that for big lips…

So honey, work with what you’ve got, and thank God for it.


ponmo lips* – Ponmo is the Yoruba word for Cow hide, which is usually very thick…

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Hi Guys

Apologies for the long hiatus…my main excuse is laziness (followed by the fact that I’ve been quite busy)…

How are you all doing? Great, I hope…

Many thanks to all who commented on my last post.

Let me just clarify that it was no random question. That was actually a situation I found myself in as at the time of putting that post up…in fact, I had not only started making plan B, I had actually MADE plan B.

Many thanks to the deep and insightful comments that I received, I was able to do some soul searching and questioning…

I asked myself if my so-called plan A was my own wish/desire, or if truly, there was the God factor in it…

I asked myself if what I considered to be plan B could actually be God’s master plan for me regarding that situation…

I asked myself whether any of the plans was even God’s plan at all, or if He had a plan C in place…

I asked myself if I had sought God’s opinion at all, or heard from Him regarding the situation before going ahead to map out plans A and B…

Today, I’m here to say, even though I wanted, and was trusting God for “plan A”, He has made “plan B” come to pass successfully, and I am thankful for that…

If you happen to find yourself in similar circumstances, my advice would be for you to take time out to talk to the Big G up there, seek to know His master plan for you regarding that situation, and then act accordingly…no need mapping out plans A, B, and C on your own, for unless the foundation stands firm, a house cannot hold up…

Have a lovely weekend all…

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I don’t know what it was about the title of the programme on the E! Entertainment Network that attracted me and made me want to see it, but I recorded it, and saw it a few hours ago.

The 15 Most Unforgettable Hollywood Tragedies was a compilation of the sad, sad stories of real life peole, like you and me, many of which moved me to tears.

There was the story of how Jennifer Hudson’s mum, brother and nephew were brutally murdered, and how Bill Cosby’s 27 yr old son was shot at close range in the temple.

There was the rather painful story of Kanye West’s mum who died from complications arising from having had 3 major surgical proceedures, including breast reduction and a tummy tuck, at the same time, plus a heart condition.

It pained me because I think, had she not had those operations, she might have lived to fight that heart condition instead.

There were stories of comedians, musicians, and a wrestler, who all died from drug (cocaine/heroin/steroids) overdose. In fact, the wrestler (Chris Bennoit) was said to have killed his wife and kid shortly before taking the overdose that led to his own death.

Then there was funny man John Ritter, the star of the comedy series “8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter”. Unknown to him, he had a tear on one of the layers of his aorta, but had carried on working, until one day, he collapsed on set.

Bernie Mac of The Bernie Mac show, Ocean Eleven and Ocean 12, had a debillitating condition (whose name I can’t even pronounce) that exposed him to other illnesses, including pneumonia, which eventually took his life, aged just 50.

Remember the Crocodile Hunter? Steve Irwin was the animal/wild-life loving man, famous for getting dangerously close to the wild animals (including crocodiles) which he studied. Ironically, but completely by accident, he died as a result of an injury sustained from one of his animals.

Christopher Reeve was famous as Superman, and he also had a passion for horse riding. On this fateful day, his horse hesitated on reaching one of the hurdles, sending Christopher flying over. He landed on his head, and ended up paralysed. He eventually died from a bed-sore (as a result of being paralysed) at the age of 52. More sadly, only a year and half after his death, his wife Dana also died, 7 months after being diagnosed with lung cancer, despite never being a smoker.

All of these deaths/murders/suicides etc. left me really sad, but also REALLY thankful to God, for the gift of life, for watching over and protecting me, for good health (even though I’ve had this horrible back ache for a few days now), for safety, joy, peace, and all that comes with being His child.

It is my sincere prayer that none of these (or any other) tragedies will befall us…No evil shall befall us, and no danger shall come near our dwelling places…Amen!

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…and I’m sorry. Truly, deeply sorry…

  • I’ve grumbled about not having a paid job for so long, forgetting to thank you for the opportunities that you’ve opened up for me during this period, to make a difference, and to touch lives positively…
  • I’ve complained about not having MY OWN money to spend, neglecting to thank you for the wonderful man by my side, who insists that HIS money IS MINE too, and for giving him a wonderful job, with a wonderful boss, and wonderful opportunities…
  • I’ve whined about how my Masters degree and Chartered qualification seem to be hindering me from getting a job, as some recruiters have tagged me as “overqualified” (Read this post HERE), overlooking the possibility that if I’m being turned down for lower level positions, it can only mean that You have bigger and better things in stock for me…
  • I’ve murmured severally about not having any tangible creative skills or talents, not rembering that You have poured so much into me, and that all I need to do is simply look inwards, and draw out the “gold” that You have deposited in me…
  • I’ve complained about not HAVING, whereas, it’s really that I have not been DOING…and that it has been during this period of my not having, that You have showed up most and taken care of my EVERY need…it’s been during this time that You have increased us materially/financially, in the most unexpected and miraculous of ways…

Here’s Your baby Dee checking in Lord, to say thank you, for EVERYTHING (including the seemingly normal things like going to toilet, or getting up in the morning)…

I’m saying thank You Lord

…for life, excellent health, and soundness of mind…

…for being able to eat whatever we want, whenever we want…

…for our new, beautiful home…

…for ALL of our loved ones; family, friends, and neighbours…

…for our wonderful Church, Pastor, and Church friends…

…for daily inspiration/motivation/encouragement; Your WORD…

…for a renewed and strengthened walk with You…

…for You ALWAYS being there, and being God…

…for the opportunity to say I’m sorry…

Now and Henceforth, I’m Grateful!

PS; As contradictory as this may sound, I’d like you all to read THIS POST


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In one of my previous posts, I’m thankful,  I highlighted all of the things/people that I was (and still am) thankful to God for…

Daily, I find different opportunities to be grateful to God…to begin to recount those opportunities here, would detain you on my blog for a whole day (not that I would mind that…lol).

It is important for us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude…

  • Gratitude attracts more blessings…an adage in my language (translated) says “anyone who expresses gratitude for yesterday’s blessings, would receive another”…I can’t agree less.
  • Be grateful for what you have now…rather than focus on or whine about what you don’t have, thank God in advance for things to come, and see what He would do….What you have now, some people are earnestly praying for…be grateful for it…A friend (B) sent me a message that had the following line in it;

“Always rejoice in all things. Remember, some will kill or die for what you have now and where you are”….

  • Be positive minded…avoid self-pity. What you need is neither sympathy nor pity, but joy and hope…you can obtain both by developing an attitude of gratitude.
  • Use what you have to bless others…hubby likes to say; “whatever you make happen for others, God will make happen for you”…even while blessing others, be grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be able to do so.
  • Gratitude is a seed…Instead of idling, get busy! The law of sowing and reaping is an evergreen one…Sow a seed of gratitude today.

So, I’m grateful for my life and health, my hubby, our home and marriage, our parents and siblings, all our friends, travelling mercies, and all of God’s blessings…What are you grateful for?

I leave you with the song below…it was written and performed by my younger sister, Funke (yelz, my baby sis…)…and is aptly titled Gratitude…enjoy!


Have a blessed and fun weekend, and happy May day celebrations…


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grat…for life

…for divine health

…for divine safety

…for divine provision

…for the joy of the Lord that is my strength

I’m thankful…

…for my husband

…for my home

…for my parents, parents-in-law, siblings, and siblings-in-law

…for food to eat

…for water to drink

…for the air I breathe

I’m thankful…

…that my brain works

…that my eyes see

…that my nose smells

…that my mouth speaks

…that my ears hear

…that my hands write

…that my legs walk

I’m thankful…

…for blessings to come

…for doors about to open

…for opportunities about to unfold

…for challenges I’m about to overcome

…for answers to prayers

…for signs, wonders, miracles, and change

I’m thankful…that He is home with me (wink wink)

I’m thankful…for everything

The Kenny St. Brown video below sums up my mood adequately…(for my non-Yoruba ‘hearing’ peeps…it’s a song of thanks to God, saying “I have joy..joy is mine…I’m joyful cos I belong to Jesus”…enjoy!…by the way, what are you thankful for?

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