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celebShe was a celebrity…he was not.

She was popular…he was not.

Her name and face were well known by all and sundry…his were not.

He was painfully shy…she was not.

Whenever they went out together, she was usually in front, holding his hands and pulling him along like her little brother, while he followed sheepishly, smiling shyly.

But, they were in love…they loved each other deeply.

Inspite of the fact that he was tagged “her puppy, her handbag, a gold-digger”, and other derogatory terms by the press… he loved her.

Inspite of their never having a moment of privacy, as wherever they went, they were accompanied by the paparrazi…he loved her.

He loved her…not because she was a successful actress and singer, one of the highest paid in the world in fact…but for who she really was…a charming, cheerful, and caring lady.

The fact that she was good, no, excellent, at what she did and that her hardwork had paid off greatly, was only a bonus.

She was worried. Worried that all those negative comments and statements in the press might make him leave her. Worried that he would get fed up of never having her all to himself, and decide to call it quits. She was worried.

She also loved him…he was young and fresh. He wasn’t doing bad himself…he had an art studio…he was talented. He didn’t care about her money or fame…he loved her.

But she was still worried…very worried…

Ok…back to reality! In the early hours of this morning, while still sleeping, the image of a beautiful lady holding onto the hand of a rather shy looking guy while they were being photographed, flashed through my mind. I woke up with a decision to develop it into a story of some sort…I hope you like it…

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