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Happy Easter all…hope you’ve been having wonderful easter breaks…I sure have…

Hubby and I have a guest over this weekend…a long time friend of hubby’s, from Glasgow (NY)…we decided to give him a little tour of Bristol and it’s surrounding areas (ok, Bath, to be specific)…on friday, we went to the Bristol Ice Rink…my first time there if I might add…had fun making a “f..l” of myself…I landed flat on my butt (only 1ce, I’m proud to say)…and was helped/coached by a really nice gentle man…Hubby and I are definitely going back for some more ice skating experience soon…

We also took NY to see the relatively new Bristol Cabot Circus…the newest and grandest (don’t quote me) shopping mall in the UK, as well as the John Wesley Chapel…unfortunately though, the Chapel was closed on Friday, so NY had to make do with pictures taken at the gate…


Today, we headed to the beautiful Roman Baths to see what it had to offer, and we were most certainly not disappointed…

Below, I give to you the sights (but not sounds…) of Bath, so you can pictorially voyage to Bath as well…enjoy!


dscf20261I hear this water comes from a depth of about 3000 metres, is about 46 degrees Celsius, and has natural healing powers…


This lovely Church has some beautiful structures within and without…



picture-0981In conclusion…picture-1001

Hope you had a nice time in Bath…enjoy the rest of Easter…n may the joy of resurrection rest upon us all…amen!


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