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Slowly but surely, I am closing down my facebook account. It all started sometime last week when my hubby got back from work and told me he had closed his fb account and would recommend I did same. Y? I asked. His answer? He felt he had been spending too much time on facebook…valuable time that could be spent doing more productive things. That same night, he received a call from one of his friends, a lady who works with one of the Government agencies, and she was also advising him to shut down his fb account on grounds of fraud.

These statements led me to conduct a then disinterested search for news concerning fb. My findings?

I came across the following news on CNN. The first describes a most shocking case of impersonation and fraud on facebook. Read the story here; http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/02/05/facebook.impostors/index.html

To make matters worse and further motivate me to indeed close my fb account, Facebook management announced an alteration to its terms and conditions claiming that it would now have rights to users’ contents “forever”.

What! No way! I certainly wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Following a much expected (at least by me) furore by fb account holders, facebook made an about turn. They are now insisting (rather too late if I may say) that users’ contents belong (and rightly so) to users, and that they would revert back to their old T&Cs “for now”. For now? Read that here;


Still not good enough for me I’m afraid…I’m toeing my hubby’s footsteps. Soon and very soon!


  • I’ve decided to keep my fb account open for a while (only deleted some personal details and most of my pix)…why the change of mind? I think it’s a good platform to promote Anoda Phase…what do you think?
  • lol…hubby reactivated his fb account too…I guess it’s addictive…

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