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(Ref. Numbers 11 – NIV Study Bible)


Background: God had delivered His people – The Israelites, from slavery in Egypt and was leading them on a long journey through the wilderness, to the land that He had promised to give to them.


For food, the Lord provided them daily, with MANNA – which was like coriander seed. After gathering as much as they needed, the people would either grind or crush it, and then cook or bake it into cakes…


In verse 4 of Numbers 11, the non-Israelites began to crave other food, and then the Israelites started complaining saying;

If only we had meat to eat…we remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost – also, the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. But now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna!


It was very easy for the Israelites to enjoy the good times (freedom from slavery in Egypt, the parting of the red sea so they could get away from the Egyptians, the provision of manna, etc.) without remembering to thank God..but at the first signs of distress (not having a variety of food), they murmured, complained, and grumbled


Besides, it was the non-Israelites among them who started the rancourThose who do not know God and His mercies often incite those who do, to complain and grumble…we must take heed as Christians, not to allow the voice of the enemy to lead us astray.


The Manna was God’s gracious gift to the Israelites – a daily divine provision of heavenly food, and their rejection of His gift angered the Lord.


How the Israelites received the manna was to be a significant test of obedience…In view of the good things God was going to give to them, the Israelites were expected to receive the manna as a gracious gift from a merciful God, and a promise of the abundance to come.


By spurning the manna, the people spurned God. They were ungrateful, hence, they failed the “test”.


Now, please do me a little favour…just STOP for a moment. Ask yourself these questions:

How many times have I spurned God’s gracious gift?

How often have I been ungrateful for His daily provision?

Have I thanked Him for the little I have now, whilst anticipating the plenty that will come?


Whatever your answers are, you know what to do…


Lord, I repent of my ingratitude, and for ever spurning any of your gracious gifts. I thank you for EVERY blessing that you have blessed me with, and I thank you in advance, for the abundance that is coming to me. Amen.


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PS; Pls read First Lady’s testimony over @ the Testimony Corner…it’s a confirmation that God is still in the business of BIG miracles, and it’ll surely lift your spirits.


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In one of my previous posts, I’m thankful,  I highlighted all of the things/people that I was (and still am) thankful to God for…

Daily, I find different opportunities to be grateful to God…to begin to recount those opportunities here, would detain you on my blog for a whole day (not that I would mind that…lol).

It is important for us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude…

  • Gratitude attracts more blessings…an adage in my language (translated) says “anyone who expresses gratitude for yesterday’s blessings, would receive another”…I can’t agree less.
  • Be grateful for what you have now…rather than focus on or whine about what you don’t have, thank God in advance for things to come, and see what He would do….What you have now, some people are earnestly praying for…be grateful for it…A friend (B) sent me a message that had the following line in it;

“Always rejoice in all things. Remember, some will kill or die for what you have now and where you are”….

  • Be positive minded…avoid self-pity. What you need is neither sympathy nor pity, but joy and hope…you can obtain both by developing an attitude of gratitude.
  • Use what you have to bless others…hubby likes to say; “whatever you make happen for others, God will make happen for you”…even while blessing others, be grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be able to do so.
  • Gratitude is a seed…Instead of idling, get busy! The law of sowing and reaping is an evergreen one…Sow a seed of gratitude today.

So, I’m grateful for my life and health, my hubby, our home and marriage, our parents and siblings, all our friends, travelling mercies, and all of God’s blessings…What are you grateful for?

I leave you with the song below…it was written and performed by my younger sister, Funke (yelz, my baby sis…)…and is aptly titled Gratitude…enjoy!


Have a blessed and fun weekend, and happy May day celebrations…


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