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flashbackI just had a very funny flash back…it was quite a long time ago…I must have been five or six…old enough to be wise, really.

An aunt had taken me out to see her boyfriend (now her husband and father of her 5 children)…of course, that was without my parent’s knowledge…if my mum had known, hmmm!

Anyway, we were on our way out of his photo studio when I decided to walk inside the gutter (silly, I know)…it was a dry, shallow gutter, so I was sure it was safe…at least so I thought.

It must have been the bottle of fanta I took (nothing else explains it) for I suddenly found myself in a pool of greenish mess…oh, the bacteria, fungae, amoeba, yuck!

My cry must have distracted my aunt from her lovey dovey and she screamed on seeing me in my green suit…lol…you need to have been there to see the way she yanked me out of the gutter…her yellow skin turning red with embarrassment as a small crowd gathered.

The life saver was a small public tap located very close by, where my aunt washed me up, and rushed me home…the only reason she didn’t beat me up, I’m sure, was because I would have told my parents and the whole story would have unfolded, blowing her cover…ha, ha, ha.

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