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I wouldn’t be writing this post but for the fact that an agent called me this afternoon saying that she had seen my online CV…and after what seemed like an hour of drilling over the phone, she had the nerve to tell me that “actually MP (the agency) don’t usually recruit at your level…we sort of recruit more @ the manager level”…I was like, whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

1. Did you not say you just had a read of my CV?

2. Why call me when you know that I am not yet at manager level and you do not recruit at my level?

Meen, I gats to gain this so called “experience” so that I can reach manager level and not have to face this kind of irritating situation again.

I’m tired of interviews because the interviewers always make comments like “oh, you interview very well, I feel very comfortable with you, you don’t come accross as nervous, you responded quite well to my questions and used very relevant examples”…yadle yadle yah (that’s just my expression for bla, bla, bla)…but almost in the same breath (its usually like a scene in a movie or something), they turn around and make comments like…”but, I think you are a bit over-qualified for this position, or, we think you would get bored easily and want to move on pretty quickly (well, am I to be blamed for wanting a challenging job?), or, this role is pretty much static and there would be no room for advancement (again, I have no apologies for being ambitious, and definitely wanting to progress my career)…yadle yadle yah!

Can someone please tell me what exactly over-qualified means? I mean, I have a Masters Degree and a Professional qualification in my chosen field…I think those are rather signs of someone who takes the discipline seriously and has gone to extra lengths, taking great pains, to become knowledgeable and proficient in that area, not over-qualified

Now, if I had only heard this comment from a small size company, I would definitely have concluded that they were probably threatened due to the fact that even those at Manager level were not as qualified as myself…but when I received the over-qualified comment from a large, public organisation, fear catch me…

Hmmmmmmm…(long, heavy, sigh)…@ this stage, things can only get better…

(Update(Mar 9); I just clicked on a link from my yahoo and came across this very related article from a fellow job-seeker…


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