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 – I can’t even begin to think what must be on the minds of these children – do they really  plan to start the generator? And the one with his leg on the Gen? lol.








 – someone had so much time, probably while waiting for the soup, to turn his eba into a face??? (PS: Eba ia made from garri, a staple starchy food in Nigeria)






 – I saw this on Facebook sometime ago, and while I hope it’s a fabrication/joke, I can’t help but wonder: if someone sent you this message on Facebook, what would you do? laff it off? delete the person asap? pass a caption of the message around for laffs?







 – Unique – this “bed-dress” or what do I call it? I actually like it…but a bit creepy? No?









 – Imagine if this became an official mode of transport. For women. Or perhaps, for better comic relief, for men! lol.









 – Mr Ibu (Nigerian Comedian) on a movie set – no further comments.









 – Want to be a millionaire? Answer the question!








 – A cockerel is a sheep? LWKPH!









 – I say Amen! What do you say?








Have a fantastic weekend.



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