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“She will fell ill”…(fall)

“Don’t you want to bore kids?”…(bear)

“How did you ended up at home?”…(end)

“You have all the qualities a man sought“…(seeks)

“You are the only one that don’t want it”…(doesn’t)

These are some (in fact, a few) of the sentences I am daily confronted with, especially, through Naija home videos( I know, it’s not a must to see them, yeah?)…some of our artistes need to be sent to “English for beginners classes”, honestly!…that’s not to say they are all bad though..thank God for artistes like Joke Silva, Yemi Blaq and Bimbo Akintola…

I know that English language is not our native/mother tongue, but it is our lingua franca, and most, if not all of us (Nigerians, that is) were brought up speaking English…at least at school…So, how someone would spend 6 years in Primary school (apart from people like me who only spent 4 years…lol), another 6 years in Secondary school, and 4 – 6 years in a University or other higher institution, and still spoke (speak) such terrible English, I doesn’t (don’t) know…

I’m sorry, but, good spoken english was one of my major criteria for choice of a life partner…thank God for sending me hubby…

Who to Blame…

Maybe we should blame our teachers…they probably didn’t teach us the rudiments of sentence construction…but then, maybe if their salaries were paid as and when due, and their welfare given top priority by the Government, they would in turn take their jobs and responsibilities more seriously, right?

Or maybe we should blame our parents…for insisting that we speak our native languages at home (mine were quite the opposite actually) and leave the English language for school…but then, they were only trying to ensure that we never forget our roots, right?

Maybe we should blame our friends…those who were priviledged to attend better schools, or those who travelled out of the country regularly, and had a much better grasp of the English language…for failing to correct us when we “shelled”…but then, maybe they just didn’t want to hurt our feelings, right?

Well, I don’t believe in playing the blame game…it’s high time we all took responsibility for our lives and actions, including our speech…enough of those sentences that send people diving for cover…everybody bend down for the arrow…lol.

Useful tips…

Read more books, novels in particular…look up every new or unfamiliar word in the dictionary…ask your close friends to lovingly correct you whenever you make an incorrect sentence…surround yourself with people who have a good (or better) grasp of the English Language…

Also, I have noticed that a lot of the time, we misspell words…for example, I often write beleive instead of believe (I know, they look alike, yeah?)…thankfully, I came across (not accross) this list of 100 most often misspelled words…I hope it helps…


Do you know any other ways of improving one’s grammar? Please do share with us…


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Ok, a little background talk…I’ll be first to admit it…I love Nigerian home videos (not the ones with poor sound or other such major technical defects, or poor translation, for the non-english ones), but well-done ones with artistes who know their onions.

funke akindeleOne such artiste is Funke Akindele (of the Yoruba Home Video genre)…definitely one of my favorite home video actresses, I have liked her since her days as an inquisitive teenager in the rested TV drama series “I need to Know”. Funke is the star of the much talked about rib-crackingly funny JENIFA…which I recently learnt she actually produced…as in, you know, I mean…lol…

Now I know most of you have either seen Jenifa or heard so much about it that you feel like you don’t even need to see it anymore…so, I won’t bore you by going into too much detail…I’ll just like to point out a few things that I think the movie projects;

1. Aristo runs (being bank-rolled by sugar-daddies) don’t pay off…they usually have dire consequences like HIV/AIDS and other STDs, unwanted pregnancies leading to multiple abortions, which in turn could lead to more severe consequences like permanent damage to the womb, or even DEATH.

2. Greed, and the desire to “get rich quick” or earn “easy money”, is the bane of many…in the movie, we see how the desire for a hummer jeep led to the use of tens of party-going girls for ritual purposes.

3. Parents should endevour to check on their children in school, at least once a while…there are actually floaters (non-students) in higher institutions, whose parents are led on to beleive their wards are registered students.

4. Parents (even the illiterate ones) should learn to question their children (especially female) about their source of income while still studying, rather than accepting expensive gifts and money from them.

That said, I think the movie dragged too long and almost lost its flava by the second half of part 2. Ironically, my favorite scene is in part 2…where Izomudia’s mum and uncle went to pick her stuff up from the school (after her death)…the Uncle’s funny Yoruba accent did me in…watch the beginning part of the clip below to hear him…

Apologies to my non-Yoruba understanding peeps…plealz (please) don’t be offended…

For fellow Funke Akindele fans, she recently guest-hosted Sound-City, a musical count-down programme, where she talked more about herself, her movies, Jenifa, etc…in the now “typical-to-her” Jenifa manner…below is one of the clips (there are three in all)…see ya, catch ya, larer!

PS: you can fast-forward through all the music videos (except Lagbaja’s “dream come through”) and just listen to Jenifa, I mean, Funke Akindele…enjoy!

You can read my review (sort of) of the shopperholicHERE!

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