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There are no secrets to success… It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”
Colin Powell

I say, “Never be too afraid to try again“.

What do you say?

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Reference…Judges 4 and 5…

Today’s post is about one of the great women of the Bible…Deborah….the first in (hopefully) a series…

deborahDeborah was;

  • A Prophetess
  • A Wife (of Lapidoth)
  • A Judge/Leader (in Israel)

Before I continue in my discuss of this great woman, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that her husband’s name was also mentioned in the scriptures…have you noticed that when a person isn’t of any real significance, his/her name isn’t specifically mentioned in the Bible (e.g. Shaul, the son of a Canaanite woman…Exo 6:15…who was the Canaanite woman? why was her name not mentioned specifically?)…I stand to be corrected…anyway, back to Deborah’s husband, Lapidoth…

I think that for Lapidoth to have been specifically mentioned as the husband of such a great woman, it means that he was also a renowned personality…I leave that to the Bible gurus to break down…back to the main subject…Deborah…

I beleive that Deborah is one woman that every good woman should aspire to be like…Like Deborah, every good woman should;

1. Be able to effectively combine her service to God, to her home (i.e. her husband and children), and to her community (Church, office, neighbours…).

2. Be success personified…people should come to rely on your sound judgement and trust that they would succeed with you on their team.

3. Be confident…once the Lord has spoken, be confident that He’ll perform it.

4. Fulfill her promises…woman, don’t be a “promise-breaker”…once you give your word, stand by it!

5. Recognise the power and importance of thanksgiving…when you record a victory, remember that it was God who fought the battle, and always return to give Him thanks and praise…

Inspite of “prejudice” (real or perceived) against women leaders, God has no such prejudice…He can call and equip a woman to high service…A woman can exercise both prophetic and administrative work…Deborah was a Judge, ministering to the affairs and difficulties of the people…God can raise a woman to lead, to guide, to inspire, etc…

Note: the power of a woman lies in prayer, praise, worship, and thanksgiving to God

I am a Deborah-inspired woman…Are you?

Other Great Women;

Ruth, Esther, Mary, Proverbs 31 Woman…

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