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Hi Guys

Apologies for the long hiatus…my main excuse is laziness (followed by the fact that I’ve been quite busy)…

How are you all doing? Great, I hope…

Many thanks to all who commented on my last post.

Let me just clarify that it was no random question. That was actually a situation I found myself in as at the time of putting that post up…in fact, I had not only started making plan B, I had actually MADE plan B.

Many thanks to the deep and insightful comments that I received, I was able to do some soul searching and questioning…

I asked myself if my so-called plan A was my own wish/desire, or if truly, there was the God factor in it…

I asked myself if what I considered to be plan B could actually be God’s master plan for me regarding that situation…

I asked myself whether any of the plans was even God’s plan at all, or if He had a plan C in place…

I asked myself if I had sought God’s opinion at all, or heard from Him regarding the situation before going ahead to map out plans A and B…

Today, I’m here to say, even though I wanted, and was trusting God for “plan A”, He has made “plan B” come to pass successfully, and I am thankful for that…

If you happen to find yourself in similar circumstances, my advice would be for you to take time out to talk to the Big G up there, seek to know His master plan for you regarding that situation, and then act accordingly…no need mapping out plans A, B, and C on your own, for unless the foundation stands firm, a house cannot hold up…

Have a lovely weekend all…

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grat…for life

…for divine health

…for divine safety

…for divine provision

…for the joy of the Lord that is my strength

I’m thankful…

…for my husband

…for my home

…for my parents, parents-in-law, siblings, and siblings-in-law

…for food to eat

…for water to drink

…for the air I breathe

I’m thankful…

…that my brain works

…that my eyes see

…that my nose smells

…that my mouth speaks

…that my ears hear

…that my hands write

…that my legs walk

I’m thankful…

…for blessings to come

…for doors about to open

…for opportunities about to unfold

…for challenges I’m about to overcome

…for answers to prayers

…for signs, wonders, miracles, and change

I’m thankful…that He is home with me (wink wink)

I’m thankful…for everything

The Kenny St. Brown video below sums up my mood adequately…(for my non-Yoruba ‘hearing’ peeps…it’s a song of thanks to God, saying “I have joy..joy is mine…I’m joyful cos I belong to Jesus”…enjoy!…by the way, what are you thankful for?

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