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You know I’m not talking about the LG LX260 phone, also known as the LG Rumour (pictured)…

I am referring to Rumour, as in “Gossip, hearsay, chitchat, idle-talk (especially about the personal/private affairs of other people), news mongering, small-talk,”…to mention a few synonyms…rumours-pic

In their article “Rumor and Public Opinion”, Warren Peterson and Noel Gist (gist?…lol), as far back as 1951, defined a rumour as

an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern”…

Rumours (especially when malicious) usually lead to scandal, which in turn can be damaging to another’s reputation…for example, I once heard of a very popular Nigerian actress who was said to have peddled drugs and got arrested in the UK…well, it turned out to be just a rumour, a malicious one at that, bcos it was later revealed that the said actress was home in Nigeria, during the period the incident was purported to have occurred…

Rumours are no respecter of persons either…not even Oprah, has been spared…despite being in a world-known, long-standing relationship with her “boyfriend” Stedman Graham, Oprah was once rumoured to be gay…her supposed partner? long-time best friend, Gayle King…imagine that!

My people say “there is no smoke without fire”…I say; true talk, but why be the transmitter of the smoke? Others say “most rumours begin with a grain of truth”…I say; fine, but why blow that grain up into a whole tree?

The psychosomatic (i.e. mental and emotional) torture that a victim of negative rumour(s) goes through, can only be imagined, and is not a situation that I would wish for anyone.

A wise man once said;

Great minds discuss ideas…Ordinary minds discuss events…Little minds discuss people

…To which category do you belong?

I consider gossips, tale-tellers, and news mongrels to be unreliable, and as human relationships should be based on trust, I try as much as possible not to associate with them…now, now, I’m not condemning anyone…I don’t have a right to…but I know that whoever gossips about others to me, would most certainly gossip about me, to others…so why tolerate or encourage such a person? I know we all love gist…I do too…but where to draw the line is when the gist begins to get rather personal/invasive, and especially about a third (non-present) party…so when next you hear phrases like “I hear” or “they say”…ask where did you hear? who are the “they”?

And, if you know anyone who has a “virus” of the mouth, i.e. a gossip or rumour monger…please don’t entertain them…and if you are one yourself (I definitely hope not)…then you need to start curtailing yourself, first, by learning to mind your own business…

Update: Just found this video on Youtube…Rumour Mongers by Ras Kimono, remember him?



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