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blogOK!…So, I haven’t written (other than my MSc. Course works…(course works?) and dissertation) in God knows how many years…now don’t go thinking I’m that old, but honestly, I don’t even know where to start from or how to begin…those are the same thing right? There! Shows you how confused, no…nervous, I am.

Well I used to write in my early teens…actually, I wasn’t even a teenager then. It was in my junior secondary school days…between ages 10 and 12. I would write short stories…usually with a romantic hint…and my friends and classmates who read them would clamour for a continuation or next chapter, sort of like I was writing a book…they claimed I wrote well and my stories were interesting. I also remember writing an essay for a literature class sometime in secondary school (maybe senior secondary this time) and my dad happened to read it and thought it was fab…as in fabulous! Duh!

So, where has this seeming ingenuity and raw, natural talent disappeared to? It all seems to have gone with the wind….hmmm, that sounds like the title of a soap opera to me…does anyone remember it? As I was saying, or trying to say…my guess is I failed to recognise it as a talent, had no one really to encourage or motivate me to continue, moved on to seemingly more important things in life…like going to the University and being a superb role model to three younger ones, etc…that I just ‘lost it’. No, no, I don’t mean lost it as in going bunkers or anything quite so dramatic, I mean ‘lost the art/gift of writing’.

For about a year or so now (I know, talk about procrastination right? It is truly a thief of time) I have been thinking strongly about going back to my first love…writing I mean, no funny ideas…I’m happily married thank you, and oh, by the way, hubby is snoring peacefully beside me as I type this up.

Back to the business of the day, I have finally decided, in the wee hours of this morning of the 18th day of February 2009, to give myself a second shot at writing. Hence, the birth of this blog, and so help me God!

I invite you to share this very precious process with me, as I embark on a journey to awaken the writer (?) in me, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your distinguished selves to my weblog. I would sincerely and whole-heartedly welcome and appreciate your comments, constructive criticism, advice, correction (be sure that you are right oh…lol) and anything else really, as daily (hopefully), we take this journey in learning, sharing, inspiration, fun, etc. together.

Don’t forget to check out the Laffs, and other pages as I would be updating them regularly…if you have any you’d love the house to share, please feel free to send them on to my humble self and I’ll do my best to post them…

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