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I’m in thanksgiving mode this morning. I nearly burnt done my house! Ok, nothing quite so dramatic, but still, I thank God.

I have this kitchen appliance called a soup warmer…dscf2062last night I used it to warm a bit of stew for hubby and I. Usually, I would unplug it from the mains immediately after use, but last night I completely forgot to…fortunately though, I turned the warmer to the lowest heat position.

As I got into the kitchen this morning (to pack hubby’s lunch), I thought I perceived the smell of  “burnt”…and yes! I was right…the little stew left  in the warmer had turned into a thick blackness and the 3 pieces of meat left had turned to suya…while I was busy thanking God for saving us from a potential fire (singing, “come and join me sing halleluyah”) I called hubby to come see…

Guess what he did? He immediately took a fork and chooked 2 pieces of meat (now suya) and popped them in his mouth…men! they don’t have a care in the world, do they?

Anyway, come and join me sing halleluyah…Jehovah Jireh has done me well…(continues singing)…

And oh, I got tagged by Naijagirl, and again by GNG, to do this very interesting meme…the rules are as follows;

  • use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions
  • they have to be real…nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers
  • you cannot use any word twice and you cant use your name for the boy/girl question
  • dont google your answers
  • make it as interesting and fun as you can

j-imagesSo, here are my answers (I tried my best)…

1. What is your name: Justdoyin
2. A four letter word:
3. A boy’s name: Jide
4. A girl’s name: Jade
5. An occupation: Judge
6. A color:
Just can’t think of any (anybody want to bail me out here?)
7. Something you’ll wear: Jewelry
8. A food: Jam doughnut (lol)
9. Something found in the bathroom: Jug
10. A place: Jand (ok, ok, Jalingo!)
11. A reason for being late: Jogging (no car…lol)
12. Something you’d shout: Jeeez!
13. A movie title: Jenifa (as in, u know, I mean…lol)
14. Something you’d drink: Juice
15. A musical group: Jesus band (ehn! na me form am)
16. An animal:
17. A street name: Julius Ceasar St. (yelz, I’m sure he must have had a st. named after him)
18. A type of car:
Jeep (of any make)
19. The title of a song:
Jesus, take the wheels

Waoh! I tried, yeah? I know I did…and I can’t wait to pass this on…so, who hasn’t done this? Olufunke? Rita? FG? DB? Ochuko? Teegirl? Niyioski? Sheyeh? Nike? NoLimit? AbujaMaiden? OriginalMgbeke? ok…everybody! I tag you all…
Have a truly lovely weekend y’all…enjoy!
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Thanks to Ochuko for this award, and for challenging me to write 10 honest things about me…Well, here goes…


  • I love God…even though I don’t show it enough (God help me to), He knows I do…
  • I don’t make friends easily, but once I do, I’m loyal to them…except of course, they’re not adding any value to me…
  • I married as a virgin…(don’t believe me? Ask my hubby)…for 2 reasons…(a) my Bible told (and still tells) me that “marriage is honourable, the bed undefiled”…(b) the fear of my mama (in case of pregnancy) was the beginning of wisdom…
  • I once worked as an “International Air Hostess”…wanna guess which Airline?
  • Like Ochuko, I also love coconutty things…
  • My body itches when I walk for more than 10 minutes (or even less @ times)…
  • I get irritated easily…and then my body begins to itch…
  • I love makeup, and even though I don’t wear too much @ any one given time, I probably have enough for more than a year (or 2?) right now…
  • I have this new found love for tea…I drink several cups a day (extra cream and sugar pls, thank you)…
  • Unlike my bro who can easily win a “keep-in-touch” competition, I’m very bad not very good @ “keeping-in-touch”…forgive me friends and family…I’m working hard @ it, I promise!

Phew! (wiping my brows)…that’s it!…didn’t think I’ld get up to 10…

Ok, so, according to the rules, I’m supposed to award/tag 7 other people…I don’t know who has done this or been tagged before, but I hereby award ehm…ehm…Olufunke, Rita, Favoured Girl, Maiden in Abuja, Christian Writer UK, JustDB, and everyone else who reads this post (yelz, I mean it! Teegirl, Nike, are u there?)…

Have a lovely weekend all…cheers


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