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Yes, the wedding took place in Darlington, UK, last Saturday, 20 March, 2010, and was a huge success, all thanks to God.

The couple are now enjoying their honeymoon in a very lovely location, but have squeezed out time to add a few pictures to their wedding website…

For your viewing delight, check out; http://www.kemmyandkayode.com

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Happy new year ALL! Welcome to 2010…I pray that this year brings you all increase, and a double reward for your labour.

How are you all doing?

Just a quick note to say that my sister’s engagement in Naija was glorious (a.k.a. it went veeeeeery well…lol) and we are soooooo looking forward to the March UK wedding…

The engagement photos have been aded to their WEBSITE…check them out…and many many thanks for your greetings, prayers, and love…Kemi and Kayode are very grateful to y’all, and so am I…

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feathers cake

Hi People

How’s everyone doing? I’ve missed you all, really.

Hubby and I went on a week’s holiday to the North of England (our very first time up  North) to see my sister and her fiancé. We went to Darlington precisely, but also  visited Bradford (where I got my hair done…it’s a lovely flowing, curly weave) and Newcastle

Anyway, back to the main matter…my younger sister is getting married. Yipee! lol…The Church wedding is here in the UK in March 2010, while the engagement ceremony (traditional marriage) is in Nigeria in December. Further details are available on their lovely wedding website. Check it out HERE.

By the way, this sister of mine has been witholding sharing the many wonderful things God has done in her life here, on our Testimony Corner…please help me beg her to come and share them oh…lol.

PS; did you guys notice the lovely “feathered cake” in the pic?

See u all later. No, sooner, not later.


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