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Oh, how I’d love to have long natural nails like the ones pictured….


I’ve always liked long, well-groomed, natural finger nails, but that’s something I’ve not been able to enjoy.


My finger nails grow fast, but they are so soft, and they get broken very easily, so they never stay long.


I’ve tried several nail hardeners and other products (in fact, I just got a nail and cuticle cream from Boots this afternoon), I take good care of my hands, and I try to get regular  manicures, but so far, nothing has worked in enabling me to grow and keep the long nails I want.


Several years ago, I wore French manicure nails quite often, and getting them off always hurt my natural nails, but I have no idea if that has contributed in any way to the lack of strength of my natural nails.


I must also mention that I have short nail beds – does that hamper nail growth/strength?


Any tips or product ideas on how to grow my natural nails? Please hook a sister up.





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